Jo does a fantastic job of including every level in her classes with exceptional physical and verbal instruction that challenges every level. I have been to many classes and I often find them too easy or too challenging. It is rare to find such a well-spoken, inclusive Teacher.”



Program Highlights

  • Learn the physical poses (asanas).
  • Learn multiple kinds of meditation.
  • Learn the pillars of great teaching.
  • Practice your teaching via video with homework assignments and via live video with your teachers and other teachers-in-training.
  • Get an edge by learning how to teach trauma-sensitive clients.
  • Learn about the energy body.
  • Engage in lively discussions.
Learn how to do hands-on assist carefully, and non-invasively, via demos on video performed first by the teacher, and then by you!


Jo Standing first stepped onto the yoga mat in 2003. It is then that she realized how important it is to lead yoga with careful consideration of those who are in your classroom. Yoga will always be more than yoga poses, but more so the pursuit and embracing of raja yoga, karma yoga, jnana yoga and bhakti yoga, in addition to the asana yoga that helps gain mastery of the whole self through the exercises performed in the physical body. Yoga tones and tightens, clears and detoxes, the body’s systems while meditation creates the ability to think for oneself in a way that serves one’s best self forward, as well as the discovery and maintenance of one’s ultimate life purpose(s). Jo is a 600-hr certified Yoga teacher, a certified professional coach, an author on uncovering resilience in the self, through mind and body practices, a speaker and a lifelong student. She welcomes you in her class on the journey of a lifetime wherever you are located in the world!