The Training Details

  • BE THE FIRST CHOICE FOR: Hospitals, Clinics, Therapy Offices, Psychological offices, Transition Houses, The Local Fire Department, Military Environments, Non-Profit Support Circles, ALL Trauma-Sensitive environments!
  • Very few Yoga Teachers understand what is required to lead a Trauma-Sensitive class.
  • Yoga Studio injuries are becoming more common.
  • The National Trauma Institute reports that each year trauma accounts for 41 million emergency department visits.
  • Recognize Trauma reports 60 percent of youth in the United States have been exposed to crime, violence, and abuse either directly or indirectly.
  • The National Trauma Institute also reveals that it is because trauma is a disease that affects all ages of people, the life years lost to trauma are equal to the life years lost from cancer, heart disease, and HIV combined.
  • Without a doubt, Big-T Trauma Survivors require a safe, comfortable, and trustworthy place to practice Yoga just like everyone else.
  • There is no better time than now to become a compassionate leader of trauma-sensitive yoga classes.
  • Be trained by experienced, passionate, and caring teachers who love their lives and work.
  • Complete the training in a flexible time period and at a fair training cost.
  • Bond with other like-minded people on a regular basis including the bonus of the mid-week review.
  • Be in an environment that is healthy, organic, and authentically mirrors the yoga lifestyle.
  • Become a powerful yoga teacher as you learn to lead yourself and your future students to a place of newfound self-empowerment and self-discovery.
Yoga teachers can also facilitate trauma sensitive classes at:
  • Local Community Centers
  • Recreation Centers
  • Boutique Studios
  • People‚Äôs Homes
  • Gyms
  • Local Parks
  • Corporate Luncheons
  • Conference Boardrooms
  • Retreat Centers
  • The training includes 230-hours total of training. This gives you an edge as most teachers begin with only 200-hours.
  • The training is divided into 12 fulfilling weekends.
  • Weekends are divided into 7.5 hours on Saturday, and 7.5 hours of class time on Sunday.
  • There is an additional bonus of online support mid-week on Wednesdays!


The next 230 hour training starts September 21st 2018. Friday evening is a 2 hour orientation. Training officially starts at 8:30AM on September 22nd and runs for the length of 12 weekends.


The training is held in Stafford, Virginia just south of Washington, D.C. *If you are not from the Stafford area you may inquire about flexible accommodation that is available within the training facility at a negotiable low price to ensure that the training is possible for you. We want to make sure you are a success!


The program cost is $2,499.00 for the 12 weekends of Teacher Training. Please ask about our payment plans. The cost includes organic snacks and teas and juice, printed training materials (you will not have to print your own!), complementary 60 minute mid-week check in, and your certification!