"Jo's yoga sessions are that perfect balance of transformation and restoration. She is careful and thoughtful in her approach, an approach that matches the goals of her students with the best that yoga can provide in creating both inner strength and inner peace."


"Jo was the Teacher at one of the first Yoga classes I ever took. It was a Friday morning and the room was full; there wasn't space for even one more mat! She only had space enough to move around the perimeter at times to all four sides of the room and demonstrate postures in between talking. It was such an amazing and inspiring experience, as well as the reason I subsequently registered for more instruction. Jo's knowledge of the practice was evident in her flowing and seamless instructions. I have never been in a class where the energy was so uplifting and positive and everybody moved in synchronization. Quite a feat when there were all levels of Yoga practitioners, myself being a beginner, and yet I was able to keep up in what felt like a fast-paced class. Everyone seemed to be in their own world - yet connected with each other and moved as one. Such a spiritual experience. It was magical. Only a gifted teacher could create that experience. Ever since Yoga has been an important part of my life."


"I am so grateful for the teaching and support that I receive during Yoga Classes taught by Jo. She is engaging, supportive, and knowledgeable. My conversations with my classmates confirm my opinion about her excellent teaching ability as well as her incredible way with people. Her classes exemplify the mind, body and spirit connection that I was seeking while helping me become more confident in my Yoga practice. If you are seeking a highly-professional Yoga Teacher, I suggest Jo Standing."


"Jo is one of the best facilitators I have experienced and I am a Certified Yoga Teacher. She received excellent feedback from everyone in our group here at the Cancer Society. She spent a little time on history, she was aware of everyone's different levels and ensured their safety. She even remembered people's names and left us with tips to sustain our practice! I recommend her very strongly."


“I have been taking private yoga classes with Jo for many years. While I would normally view this as a "luxury" I find I derive so much benefit from classes that it is entirely worth it. She brings so much of herself to class, she really "tunes into" where I am at to tailor our sessions to my particular needs at the time. She knows the practice of Yoga so intuitively, that her instructions are precise and also describe the spiritual, health and emotional benefits of each position. Though I am usually motivated by mere mention of the physical benefits alone, I find instruction of this detail to help me understand the capacities of my body and soul in new ways. She is an enthusiastic student as well, such that she brings her new discoveries into our classes. I heartily recommend Jo to others seeking an engaged yoga practice.”


“My experiences with Jo are amazing, I find her to be a very nurturing teacher, as well as challenging and focused. Her voice is always very soothing.”


"I am 85 years old. I decided a couple months ago to stop taking the arthritis medicine I was prescribed. I didn't know how, but somehow I was going to stop this pain. Jo showed up to replace my in-home Personal Trainer that referred her to me after taking one of her studio classes. I opposed any yoga from the beginning, but she slowly, but surely, gave me gentle nudges to 'breathe and reach'. I not only feel like my youth wasn't so long ago, but I also sleep through the whole night now, and I'm not suffering from arthritis anymore. I gave my pills to my 60-year old daughter, and always look forward to my class. Thank you! I'll report more as we go along!"


"Jo the Traveling Yogi had her work cut out for her when she arrived at our center per our Teacher of 15 years request. Jo covered the classes and surprised and pleased (and more). My body was freer, stronger, better - after experiencing Ms. Standing's Yoga Healing classes. This delightful woman teaches with depth and wisdom beyond her years. Highly recommended for any day!"


“Jo teaches 3 members of my family every week: my husband, myself, and our 7 year old autistic son. She has been an amazing teacher for him. She is patient and understanding. I am thrilled to have her a part of our life.”


"Jo, you are uniquely unique! You always gave your students much more than the asanas, and I'm ever grateful for having met you. You are so positive and so non-judgmental and so wonderful!"


"I have mentioned to many people about my experience in your class. You totally got my blood flowing, and my energy up. . . and I was struck profoundly with your description of owning one's power. Thank-You so much."


"Jo's best strengths are patience, being knowledgeable, and full of joy. She brings these attributes with her to every lesson and shares them all generously with our staff."


“I have enjoyed Jo's classes for several years. The classes are diversified and fulfilling. She helps people individually plus makes sure we all participate to our own level. I find her a neat teacher.”


“I went through some really difficult times and when I started practicing yoga with you, I felt a ‘release’ of some sort. You have taught me how to calm my mind and you have enabled me to regain control of my body. I could not have found a better teacher to have in my journey to regain and rebuild myself. Thank you for the many enlightening moments. Namaste!”